On November 4, the first national emergency management system advanced model and fire-fighting loyalty guards came in Beijing. The 8-level hero model in the national emergency management system, 99 advanced collectives, 190 advanced workers, 30 "China Fire Fighting Loyal Guard" and 30 secondary hero models were commended. They have a fire, the flood peak, drill the well, the crisis … Where is the disaster, where there is a figure that they retrieved; where is dangerous, where they become the front line of their charges; where is the people, where is their day and night position. Taking the loyal guards of this group of party and people, touching everywhere.

In the face of difficulties, dare to make the sword, hit hard, dangerous, this is the daily work of emergency management system advanced models and fire-fighting loyalty guards.

In the face of the vast fire, there is always someone standing up.

On April 22, 2016, Jiangsu Jingjiang Deqia Warehousing Co., Ltd. burst fire, 5,000 cubic meter gasoline tank breathing valve was poured, and the flame rolled to do tens of meters. Ding Liang, a tourist fire rescue station, who is a fire rescue station in the Gulou District, Nanjing, remembers that the flow fire is more than 2,000 square meters, and the fuel is still leaking. At a critical juncture, Ding Liang Hao is led, and the three players are hot and radiated, and the boiling water and foam fluids in the waist are explored, and the three valves are successfully closed. The nearest valve is less than 5 meters from the fire. After returning, Ding Lianghao found that his rescue helmet had been baked, and the edge of the fireproof jacket has also been roast. With the flood disaster, some people have retrograde.

After 25 years of work, Li Long, Minister, Deputy Director and Fire Rescue Command of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, was always charged in the people when the people were most needed. On July 20, extreme heavy rain raided Henan Zhengzhou. 300 meters from Shakou Road Station, Metro, 300 meters east, trains were moved by floods, and passengers were trapped. At the time of crisis, Li Long led team to arrive, fire refers to the construction of a rope bridge in the rushing flood with shoulders, and transferred the people to the safe zone.

Since then, Li Long has been fighting for 95 hours, rushing in the hospital, community, street, participating in the rescue of thousands of people.

Open up the mine accident, someone stepped in. Gold Mine accident in January Qixia Wat, is one of the most difficult mine accident rescue. January 12 in the morning may be ordered in just three hours, the state land mine emergency rescue team of 43 people assembled special survey is completed. Scene is extremely complex: the workers were trapped 600 meters underground, mostly igneous rock formations, hardness of the hardest 12! "We must ensure the success of open roadway!" Field command of this task into the hands of the special land survey team. "We came!" Earth special survey team of experts carefully judged. "We!" Vice-captain Sun Hongbo volunteered to stand on the rig console.

At 13:56 on January 17, an influx of fresh air tunnel.

No. 3 drilling success through! Trapped workers finally get in touch with the ground.

Dedication to work hard training model and example for everyone, all the national emergency management team the ability to model and advanced fire-fighting system in the loyal guards.

They train hard, constantly better ourselves. Sichuan Provincial Forest Fire Brigade Secret Service brigade, a squadron leader, Assistant positive Hou Chao, just joined the army, 1 meter tall and 7-something, he will not run 5 km training. Is acquired excellent skills, Hou Zhengchao developed a training program: a day an hour early to get up, the playground ran 10 laps, physical training, training equipment, training obstacle …… worn pairs of training shoes, the stacked layers of calluses, Hou Zhengchao won five times Corps, the first detachment of elite contest.

So far, he kept four best subjects performance record since the formation of specialist brigade 200 meters comprehensive physical sports, a combination of exercise and so on. They lapping techniques, continuing to enhance combat capability. Sea is bright Emergency Management Department of Forest Fire Department Daqing air rescue flight detachment battalion, a detachment of the first generation of "business people", he has to go to seven key national forest areas in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places to carry out front garrison tasks, participated in more than 10 times the actual fire. Sea bright often say is "Let the iron man spirit into the cabin."

He was the first to apply transition training, highly difficult he was the first on board, took off his first combat mission. The pilots say, Hailiang is their hearts "Golden Helmet." They patrol day and night to ensure a preventive measure.

Fuzhou lanes and historic and cultural district known as the "Chinese Ming and Qing architectural museum", where there are about 270 ancient houses. But contiguous wooden building density, low fire resistance rating in case of fire, the consequences could be disastrous.

Gulou District of Fuzhou lanes and fire and rescue station as a good "old house night watchman" to achieve lanes and ancient buildings for eight consecutive years of "zero fire" 30 years without a major fire. Fire is extremely heavy. All officers and soldiers fire rescue station night stick, daily inspections of different routes, and set five miniature fire station, equipped with a fire hydrant every 60 m, further innovative fire fighting and rescue "123" rapid response mechanism, after repeated exercises significant extinguishing capability promote.

Not afraid of sacrifice and heroic struggle disaster relentless, heroic sense.

The national emergency management system model and advanced firefighting loyal guards, everyone is to safeguard people’s lives and property, maintain social stability and selfless dedication, some people sacrificed their precious lives.

In July 2020, Lujiang County, Anhui Province, Hefei, devastating floods, river and lake water level surpassed the historical peak. Flood is an order, when he Lujiang County Fire Rescue Brigade party secretary, political director Chen Lu, Wen led the officers and men and Order movement, retrograde to risk, the bright flag firmly planted in the forefront of the flood.

July 22, Lujiang county town with a large stone Dawei sudden breach, about 6,500 people were trapped by flood.

At this time, Chen Lu has legs bubble was red, the same knee swollen like bread. "A little rest!" Comrades advised him.

"So many people waiting for rescue, we brigade few people, I must go!" Chen Lu refused. After the successful rescue of the two masses, brigade rectangular sharp again advised Chen Lu rotation, he said, "I cooked these waters, or my beginning", decided to jump on the first boat. Suddenly several more loud noise, the greater the tear breach, near instantaneous water level drop sharply, form a 3-meter-high "overflow dam"! "U-turn, quick turn around!" Critical juncture, Chen Lu cry. Followed by Chen Lu of four rubber boats in time to escape, but he suddenly caught himself "overflow dam" of the vortex torrent.

When rescuers found Chen Lu, his young and precious lives forever fixed at 36 years old. In the visible "enemy" flood the battlefield, Chen Lu life-guard with their lives, rescued more than 2,600 of the masses.

In the invisible "enemy" of the new crown pneumonia epidemic blocking action, former vice chairman of CPPCC Tianjin Binhai New Area, the District Emergency Management Agency, former director of single jade thick, with extraordinary will to fight the epidemic prevention and control of valuable time. During the Spring Festival last year, the Tianjin Port sail cruise "Costa Dasailinna" No, it was a fever, on board more than 3,700 tourists and 1,100 crew members. Jade thick single emergency go to life, to assume the task of transporting helicopters deployed to detect samples. Since then, he has stepped in as the prevention and control of Binhai New Area Leading Group Material Support Group deputy commander. At that time vaccination supplies are in short supply, he was looking for a home business, ask agencies to coordinate emergency procurement of materials. Although heart miss two stents, but can not attend a single thick jade has reached the limit of the weary body, lianzhouzhuan every day, often 3:00 still work.

2020 February 21, the last day before the death of a single jade thick, he’s still from morning till evening.

22 am, due to overwork, single jade thick killed.

Sea cross-flow, the hero character! The hero’s name is always worth bearing in mind. They just fought in a number of national "emergency" and the epitome of a line, it is these "retrograde by" "Keeper", people’s lives was more good years of quiet, safe and peaceful. "People’s Daily" (November 7, 2021 on version) (Editor: Guan Fei, Li wide) share to allow more people to see.