People’s Daily News September 16 (Yang Wenjuan) September 20 this year is the 12th "China Statistical Opening Day". On the morning of the 16th, the Hebei Provincial Bureau of Statistics held the 12th "China Statistical Open Day" launching ceremony in Shijiazhuang. The representative of the meeting gathered together, talking about red statistical history, and imagined the future of the statistics.

It is understood that the "China Statistical Opening Day" activity has been successfully held, and has become bridges and links that have communicated communication with all walks of life.

By organizing this activity, the public can make the public more about statistics, understand statistics, and support statistics, making statistics more openly transparent. This year, the theme of "China Statistics Open Day" is "the future of red blood drops into statistics", activities to build a hundred years as an opportunity, and profoundly review the long-term progress made under the leadership of the party. On the launching ceremony, five propaganda films were played, reviewed the wonderful moments of previous statistics, and showed that the Hebei Provincial Bureau of Statistics promoted party history and learning education and demonstrating statistics. In the new era of the poverty, the spirit of Yugong Mountain, the spirit of "smart statistics", and the statistical workers of Hebei accelerate the reform and innovation of information construction. The launching ceremony was swapped in synchronous live to the society through the network.

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