Image Source: Taiwan "China Times" News According to Taiwan "China Times" report, Zhao Youting and Gao Yuanyuan married for nearly five years, the woman produced a woman yesterday, Zhao Youting wrote down in social networking sites: "Wonderful days, welcome Come to a beautiful life.

Mother and female peace, thank you. "Gao Yuanyuan Weibo also immediately forwarded this article, but the couple hope that the low-key treatment, Zhao Youting broker said the details of the production process and the child. In the case of media reports, netizens learned from the hospital from the hospital to produce high round circle in Beijing Zhao Youting then confirmed the news in Weibo, more in the hospital to take a duck hat, sunglasses and masks, simply: "Thank you for your concern, thank you for your blessing, thank you, thank you.

"After the elevator, waving to the reporter. 2 people were taken from the same time in the end of the month, Zhao Youting always protects the high round of the model to make many fans envious, Zhao Youting father Zhao Shuhai also expressed" granddaughter "in Weibo, and recently started to create a song Yesterday, Ni Ni, Zhao Zhao Ying cooperates "痞子 英 英 2: Dawn again" Lin update is given a blessing in Weibo, Gao Yuanyuan, Jia Jingwen, said that it is not necessary to see the daughter. (Editor: Liu Jie, Yang Mu) sharing More people see it.