The 3rd Shanghai International Art Exchange Miller is concentrated in 302 art activities, accumulating trading art goods goods value of 10.8 billion yuan of fusion upgrades, Shanghai Art Ecological Studios flourish ■ This reporter Li Junna is guided by the Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau The 3rd Shanghai International Arts Trading Month, jointly hosted by Xuhui District, Pudong New Area, Huangpu District and Jing’an District Government successfully held from November 1st to November 30th. The 3rd Shanghai International Art Exchange Miller surrounds the theme of "Shanghai", in the first two "global field, the West" global field, Shanghai time ", further cross-border integration, iteration upgrade. This exhibition monthly has held 302 art activities, including 6 art fairs, 118 cultural relics and art auctions, 132 art exhibitions, 46 exhibition trade activities, participated in more than 420 trading mains, accumulated trading art products More than 10.8 billion yuan. Linkage into the fair, the size of the top of the previous session, on the basis of the two major high-quality art fairs, the ART021 Art Expo, the first time in the 4th China International Import Expo Establish a artifact art plate.

More than 280 participating institutions in the three activities, more than 6,000 exhibits, with a value of 10.8 billion yuan, and the transaction intention is over 2.5 billion yuan. As the two major art fairs in the country, the West Coast Art and Design Expo and the ART021 Shanghai Secretary Art Expo have set the most in the first day of this year. West Coast Yibo ushered in 18 countries, nearly 130 outstanding gallery, design brands and art institutions, launched six major sections, five exhibitions, three exhibitions. The gallerial return rate of the West Coast has reached more than 75%, and the international first-line gallery of the exhibitors exceeds 60, and the overseas exhibition gallery accounts nearly 70%, and the first-line blue chip galler with the top Basel Art Expo 50%. The Art021 Art Fair set 134 top-pointed gallers from 14 countries and 29 cities, including 70% of China Gallery (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), and 30% from Europe, North America, East Asia and the Middle East and other overseas markets. Last year, the total number of gallery of Art021 Art Fair was 115, and a total of 73 participating gallery have continued to participate in the exhibition, with a total of 60%.

The high return rate and new exhibitors of the two Art fairs showed the confidence of domestic and foreign art institutions on the Shanghai art market.

Linkage Art Season, the Art Atmosphere City covers this trading month to fully integrate the superiority of Shanghai in the field of venues, collection advantages, talent advantages, academic advantages, first launch "Sea Fenghua" art seasons.

In November, the city’s art gallery held 132 exhibitions, including 55 new exhibitions, 164 people in public education activities, nearly 370 visitors, and approximately 100,000 in visits than this month. Among them, the "11th Shanghai Art Exhibition" of the Chinese Art Palace, the "New · Youth – the 16th Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition" of the Liu Haisu Art Museum, the West Bank Art Museum of Paris Architecture: 1948-2020 The testimony of the urban process, "Shanghai Jing’an Yilins Art Museum" became an Andy Warhol "exhibition, based on different cultural research perspectives, exhibiting rich multivariate artistic vitality. In addition to building quality exhibitions, Shanghai’s art gallery also organized a series of beautiful education activities for public.

"The households take you to see the beauty" series of activities has been held in the 13-stage online guideline, 4 games online, online audiences approximately 170,000. The first phase of the "President" in the afternoon of the "The Development and Exploration of the Private Art Museum" "The Collection of Art Museum and Community" "Collection of Art Museum" "The Public Cultural Mission" of the Art Museum is discussed, Chang wants the art museum industry How to continue to help urban cultural development.

Through the trading moon and the art quarter, create an artistic atmosphere of the whole city to cover, all people shared, showing the booming machine of Shanghai Art Ecology.

In order to further expand the art industry chain, promote resource linkage and cross-border integration, the first transaction month implemented the "Art Shanghai" program, and released the first sub-brand "Art Hotel."

Art Amy’s enthusiasm of art collection. During the moonlight, Shanghai held 118 cultural relics and art auctions, 9368 pieces of shooting, with a total turnover more than 700 million yuan. For the first time, I took the autumn shooting into November. Shanghai Jiahe autumn was taken from 100 million yuan. This is the first time to achieve an important art auction event in the Excial month.

In addition, the domestic top auction enterprise began to layout Shanghai, completed Shanghai’s first shot during the transaction month. Guangzhou Huayi International, the top five in the country, settled in Shanghai, and the first shooting volume was 60.42 million yuan.

The slice table of global auction activities has gradually transferred to "Shanghai Time". (Source: Liberation Daily) (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Share more people to see.