General Secretary Xi Jinping deeply pointed out that "Victory realizes the target mission of our party, must carry forward the spirit of struggle, enhance the struggle", "I have to fight against the struggle in multiple fields, be good at fighting, where the head is to be strictly governed by the party Dare to fight, be good at fighting. " The discipline inspection and monitoring organs are the party’s internal supervision and the national monitoring authority, dare to fight, and be good at struggle is a clear political character, is a loyal and clean, responsible for the internal requirements of responsibility.

As a new era, the discipline inspection and supervision cadres must deeply understand the essence requirements and core elements of the fight, good at struggle, consciously cultivating the spirit of struggle, strengthen the fight against struggle, maintain struggle, and tempering the struggle, withstanding strict thinking, political experience, Practical exercise, professional training, a positive contribution from Yan Zhijian to the perspective of departure. Interpretation of political loyalty in the struggle. Maintaining the spirit of struggle is the application of the discipline inspection and monitoring authorities to the party absolute loyalty.

Zheng Feng Sei’s anti-corruption is an enhanced "four consciousness", firm "four confidence", and achieve the actual actions of "two maintenance", which is to enhance the specific practice of the party’s political recognition, thinking agreement, and emotional identity.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China , Loyalty and beliefs have been tested and tempered. In the face of new requirements of new tasks, we must learn about the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in the new era. In the face of difficulties, in the face of the crisis dare to stand up, in the face of the evil spirits dare to fight, firmly maintain the authority of the party and the central authority and centralized leadership. Enhance political consciousness in the struggle.

It is a war in the strict governance party to see the smoke.

The discipline inspection and monitoring organs are political agencies. The dry is the lives of supervision. If the people of sinners must have a mission, resolutely, and consciously, consciously, the leadership of the party, harming the party’s body’s behavior, with strong Powerful political oversight promotes the implementation of the party’s central decision-making deployment. In comprehensively strictly governing the great struggle of strict treatment, we must consciously put themselves, put the responsibilities in, put the work in, unswerving, and have a hard time, dare to touch hard, attack hard, practice as the iron shoulder , Hard ridges, truth, and effectively transform the initial mission into the restrictions of the Division, report the conscious action of the party. Improve political capabilities in the struggle.

Dare to struggle, be good at struggle, is an important manifestation of political ability. In the struggle for party style and clean government, it is necessary to continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, political execution, accurate grasp the overall situation, clearly fight the target task, accurately grasp the process of struggle; After that, the pine style knows the tiger, and a leaf color is known to see the world’s ability to see a micro-knowledge, and the potential risk hazard is pre-judging.

Focus on the strategy method, strive for struggle art, adhere to the legacy, reasonable choice of struggle mode, grasp the relationship between fighting, treated, degree, and efficacy. Exploring the laws of struggle, in one integration, do not dare to rot, can’t rot, do not want to rot to have a good effect of symptoms and synthesis, comprehensive treatment. Maintain politics in the struggle.

Comprehensively from the strict governance party is always on the road. Anti-corruption should be invasive, all coverage, zero tolerance, must have a solid rock, indestructible determination and will, must have toughness and persistence of torrential stones.

Although the current anti-corruption struggle has been overwhelming and consolidated, the situation is still serious and complicated. It must be continuously advanced at all, and the strict primary base must be kept in a long time. Resolutely win this loss. Major political struggle. The discipline inspection and monitoring organs are hard to fight, and they have to be hard in the long-lasting battle, and they must be strong. It is necessary to get rid of grinding.

The discipline inspection and supervision cadres should maintain the spirit of "Ren East Southwest China", "Don’t break the land or return to the end of the battle", do the warrior who dare to fight, be good at struggle, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. (Source: "Banner" 2021, 10th; The author is the three director of the fourth supervision and inspection of the National Supervision of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.