This newspaper (Reporter Dong Jiaxing) In recent years, Guanshanhu District is based on the "New Town, Central District, Window Area, Ecological District and Test Zone", and explore innovative initiatives around the province’s most powerful urban area. Activate the "Tip Nerve" to crack the problem of social governance in urban new districts.

Place the position, consolidate the governance basis.

In recent years, Guanshan Lake District has completed the whole area, the town (street), the village (residential) three-level comprehensive management center, and the actual combat operation, and the "one-center one network ten joint house" grassroots construction . Three-level comprehensive management center has strengthened the conflict dispute group classification and investigation and disposal, strengthening 12345 to serve the people, strengthen science and technology intelligence support, and enhance the practical function. At present, the area of ??basic data collection is 5,70,000, and the entry rate is 100%; the investigation is 2587, and the incidence rate is%; a total of 12345 people have more than 40,000 pieces, the disposal rate is%, the masses satisfaction rate 100%; access to video surveillance more than 10,000, access to the access control system; strengthen the epidemic gridization investigation, and investigate the entry outgoing (inflow) personnel.

At the same time, 138 villages (streets) of 10 towns (streets) were divided into 1442 grids; 589 grid Party groups were completed, and 138 mesh were 138, and 1208 job network; More than 10,000 units are equipped with more than 10,000 units. Strengthening the Party and the Cohesion of the Development Power. Guizhou Financial City, Duanling Street, Guiyang, the "central axis", stalking 7 "super buildings", 8322 yuan in the enterprise, 2020, total tax payment of 6.5 billion yuan. Guanshan Lake District was drawn in the financial city business building, set up 5 building non-public joint party branches, building a business building "party construction network"; integrate multi-party power, build "civil air defense, physical defense, technical defense, heart defense" four-in-one Building a new pattern, building a business building "governance network"; dividing 46 exclusive grids, building information sharing, mutual trust cooperation, collaborative governance, talent exchanges, and building a business building "economic network."

In the Southwest Trade City Business Circle Construction Business Circle Party Group Service Center, play the party construction guidance, business service, platform construction function, build a new era civilized practice base, and mobile party members management base. At the same time, integrate the use of party building alliance resources, carry out theoretical preaching, policies and regulations, volunteer services, cultural activities, and model model "five into business circle". Binyang Street is responsible for the issue of the organization and the difficulty of governance in the suburban combination area, the difficulty of governance. On the one hand, the party construction service is extended to the grassroots level and links all parties to the jurisdiction to jointly establish the joint treatment; on the other hand, strengthen the "window type" of the people’s livelihood. Guanshan Lake District is based on the work of jurisdiction enterprises and mass service, continuously expand mesh upgrades, grid work, modernization, and improve the level of grassroots social governance system and governance ability, constantly enhance the masses to gain, happiness and safety feel. Jinyuan Community, Jinyang Street, to build the net, woven grid, build three senses community as the starting point, through "party construction network, Ping An Net, Minsheng Network" three network integration, effectively enhance the management ability and governance of the jurisdiction The Century City Street Lanke Community, with the "Five Chemicals" of the Organization Structure Scientific, Grid Team Specialization, Governance Model, Operation Mechanism Process, Fine Livelihood Service Fine, etc. The Golden Sea area of ??Guanshan Street, play the role of the overall management center, steadily grasping the construction of two positions under the line on the line, implement the three teams of public security, net whistlers and joints.

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