The reporter learned from the press conference held by the People’s Government of Guiyang Municipal People’s Government, Guiyang is fully striving to build three hundred billion large data industry clusters in data center agglomeration areas, electronic information manufacturing, software and information technology services.

  "The main industrial indicators maintain high growth." Wu Hongchun, Party Secretary, Director, Director of the Great Data Development Administration of Guiyang City, introduced that in the construction of the data center aggregation area, 8 of the transport data center, data center and data center and The associated industry has completed investment billion yuan. In terms of electronic information manufacturing, from January to July, the output of electronic information manufacturing industries in the city increased by 62% year-on-year, and 17 newly added electronic information and manufacturing projects were added, and the total planned investment was 100 million yuan.

At the same time, the software and information technology service industry also maintains a strong development momentum. Cloud service companies represented by Huawei Yun, Tencent Cloud, Cloud Aiper, Bai Mountain Cloud, etc., realize the revenue of nearly 6 billion yuan. Wu Hongchun said that the local area will grab the national grid online layout opportunity, accelerate the construction of integration infrastructure, including support Southern Power Grid Corporation to invest 10 billion yuan to build Southern Energy Data Center, and continue to lead digital industrialization into the expressway.

  Guizhou Province is my country’s first national-level data comprehensive test area, and Guiyang City, the provincial capital is known as "China Valley". (Reporter to Daijie).