On November 8, the People’s Bank created a structural monetary policy tool for carbon reduction support tools to steadily ordered, accurately direct way, support the development of key areas such as clean energy, energy saving, carbon reduction technology, and More social funds promote carbon reduction. It is understood that the central bank provides low-cost funding to financial institutions through carbon emission support tools, and guides financial institutions to provide carbon reduction loans to various enterprises in the key fields of carbon emission reduction, Loan interest rates should be roughly flat with the price reduction rate (LPR) of the same period limit loan market.

Carbon emission reduction support tool issuance is scheduled to be a national financial institution. The People’s Bank will pay the financial institution to the carbon reduction in the key field of the financial institution, according to the public, according to the public, according to the relevant enterprises, according to the relevant enterprises, according to the loan 60% of the gold provides financial support, the interest rate is%.

The carbon emission support tool focuses on the three carbon reduction fields, in order to ensure that the carbon emission reduction support tool is accurate support with significant carbon emission reduction effects, the People’s Bank will interact with relevant departments, in accordance with various national standards, and international standards The principle of the rail to reduce carbon emissions as the guide, focus on the three carbon emission reductions in clean energy, energy-saving and environmental protection and carbon emission technology.

In the early stage of carbon reduction, the focus is high, and the focus support is in the development stage, but promoting the space of carbon emission reduction is large, and certain financial support can bring significant carbon emission effects.

Specifically, the field of cleaning energy mainly includes wind power, solar utilization, biomass energy utilization, pumping energy storage, hydrogen energy utilization, geothermal utilization, ocean energy utilization, heat pump, efficient energy storage (including electrochemical energy storage), intelligent Power grid, large wind power supply network, reservoir project, household distributed photovoltaic county promotion, cross-regional clean power delivery system, emergency pretextment and peak power supply, etc. The field of energy-saving and environmental protection mainly includes energy efficiency in the industrial sector, new power system transformation, etc.

The technical field of carbon emission reduction mainly includes carbon capture, storage and utilization. Follow-up support can be adjusted according to industry development or policy needs. Carbon emission support tools are additional, incremental funds supporting investment and construction in key areas such as cleaning energy, increasing the overall energy supply capacity, financial institutions should provide financing support according to marketization, rule of law, and help national energy security Supply green low carbon transformation. After the discharge of carbon emission reduction loans to the key areas, the application of funding support, and the carbon emission support tool provides funding to financial institutions to adopt a direct mechanism for the first loan.

Under the premise of independent decisions, the financial institutions, the financial institutions provide carbon reduction loans to various enterprises in the key fields of carbon emission reduction, and the loan interest rate should be roughly flat to the same period limit loan market price (LPR).

After the financial institution has issued carbon emission reduction loans to the key field, it can apply for financial support to the People’s Bank. People’s Banks provide financial support to financial institutions according to 60% of the loan principal, the interest rate is%, the deadline is 1 year, can be extended 2 times.

Financial institutions need to provide qualified pledges to the People’s Bank.

Commitment to disclose relevant information to apply for carbon emission reduction data for carbon reduction projects to the People’s Bank to apply for carbon reduction supporting tools, and is committed to public disclosure of information.

Financial institutions refer to the feasibility study report of carbon emission projects, EIA reports or market-recognized professional institutions issued by the assessment report, as well as the proportion of loans accounting for the total investment of the project, and calculate the annual carbon reduction amount of the loan.

After the financial institution receives the support of carbon emission reduction support, it is necessary to disclose the carbon emission reduction field supported by carbon emission reduction support tools in the quarter, the number of projects, loans and weighted average interest rates and carbon emission reduction data are accepted. .

The People’s Bank will verify the authenticity of financial institution information disclosure by entrusting a number of ways to verify the verification of third-party professional institutions. Through clarity of the key field of carbon emission reduction, the financial institutions such as information disclosure of financial institutions on carbon emission reduction, the carbon emission support tool will give full play to policy demonstration effects, guide financial institutions and companies more fully understand the importance of green transformation, and encourage society. More funds more in the green and low-carbon fields, advocate green production and lifestyle, circular economy, etc. to enterprises and public, and help to achieve carbon peaks, carbon neutralization goals.

Text / This newspaper reporter Cheng Wei coordinates / Yu Meiying.