Aerospace Science and Technology Group held the second batch of theme education deployment will be September 12, 2019 15:14 Source: September 11th Pass the spirit of the Central Conference and arrange for the deployment of follow-up work. The party group secretary, chairman of the group company, the deputy secretary of the party group, the team leader, the party group member Xie Jun, the theme education leading group and office, the tour guide group, each hospital, company, directly under the theme education leading group And the office, the guidance team, the leadership team of the three-level units and related personnel participated in the meeting, and the meeting was hosted by Wu Yanheng.

At the main venue and video division, nearly 2,000 people participated in a total of 2,000 people. At the meeting, the directions conveyed the important instructions of the Central Leaders on the important instructions of theme education and the relevant deployment requirements for the second batch of theme education in the Central Committee of the Central Committee, and deploy and mobilize the second batch of theme education in the group company.

Wu Yan Sheng announced the situation of the group company’s party group "unforgettable initial heart, remember the mission". The meeting pointed out that the Group’s second batch of theme education includes the Group’s three and the following units, starting from September 2019, the end of November.

Participate in the scope of the leading cadres at level, and further covers all party members, and all units should be deployed for the second batch of theme education, summarizing the second batch of theme education before the end of November. The meeting requests that all relevant units of the group company have carefully studied the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the centralized requirements of the central government, and put in-depth study and implement the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking as the fundamental task, fully learn from the successful experience of the first batch of theme education, To solve various problems violating the initiality and mission with a thorough self-revolutionary spirit, we must intend to promote four key measures, combine learning and doing, and change the investigation and change, learn the side, check the edge, and promote learning. Education, investigation and research, review problems, and rectification implementation organic integration, running throughout. In addition, it is necessary to highlight the problem-oriented, to combine the theme education with the 70th anniversary of celebrating New China.

  Wu Yan Sheng pointed out that although the first theme education has been basically ended, it is still very important to rectify the implementation of the implementation, and the task of consolidating deepening is also very heavy. The more this, the more you can’t relax, you must carry forward the spirit of goodness, good as good as the spirit, continue to use, and constantly consolidate and expand the results of the theme education. For the second batch of theme education, Wu Yanheng puts forward three requirements: First, it is necessary to combine the theme education with the current reform and development construction; second, it is necessary to compress the responsibility; the third is to strengthen the party with the spirit of self-revolution Construction.

  The direction of the first batch of experiences and the shortcomings of the first batch of theme education, proposing five comments: First, further deep theoretical learning; second to solve the problem, it is necessary to solve the problem of the workers’ concerns; Third, we must work hard in the main business of the responsible for the responsible; the fourth is to inherit the three spiritual efforts, and inspire the enthusiasm and creativity of the majority of cadres and universities; five is to work hard to consolidate results.

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