Original title: Henan filmmaking: After acceptance of rural housing, the villagers can apply for real estate registration of Dahe Net, Dahe reporter Duan Wei Duo November 11, the reporter learned that the Henan Provincial Government Office recently released "Henan Province Rural Collective Construction Land House The construction management method (trial) " Starting; after the acceptance of the rural house, the villagers can apply for real estate registration to the real estate registration agency. [Clear] The rural house refers to the rural houses referred to in the countryside to submit these information to the township government before starting construction, "Measures (Trial)", including two categories: rural self-built low-rise housing, referring to new construction and reconstruction of villagers in rural collective construction , Expanded, built-in building area within 300 square meters, no more than three housing; rural other houses.

  "Measures (Trial)", the villagers are the implementation subject of rural self-built low-rise housing construction activities, and the main responsibility for housing construction must choose the design map, construction party and supervision party, and sign the construction party and supervisor. Written contract, agreement of house warranty and related responsibilities; consciously accept supervision and management of township governments and village committees.

  After obtaining the "Country Construction Planning License" "Rural Homestead Approval Book", the villagers will submit information on the construction drawings and construction personnel information to the township government. The township government should review the information within 10 working days. Can start.

At the same time, housing urban and rural construction, the market supervision department should formulate the demonstration text of the rural self-built low-rise housing construction contract, free to use to villagers.

  After the completion of rural self-construction low-rise housing, the villagers applied for completion acceptance to the township government. After receiving the application, the township government should organize the completion acceptance of the household, construction party, technical personnel, etc., and accept the acceptance of "Rural Homestead and Village Self-constructed Housing Acceptance Opinions". Construction parts of rural self-built low-rise housing should strictly follow the construction drawings, construction technology standards and operational procedures, identify the main responsible persons of the construction site, quality, safety officers, etc., the quality and construction safety of the house construction Subject responsibility. In the process of building a house, the villagers and construction parts should be used to use building materials, architectural (equipped) parts and equipment that meet the standards of national and provincial stipulations.

Construction should assist villages to choose qualified building materials, architectural (with) parts and equipment.

The villagers requested unqualified building materials, building structures (equipped) parts and equipment, the construction party should discourage and refuse. [Responsibility] Rural housing construction, relevant departments undertake a lifelong responsibility "Measures (Trial)" clearly Supervision and management requirements such as engineering quality, completion acceptance. The construction of the housing will have the primary responsibility for other rural housing construction projects. The legal procedures and management systems must be strictly enforced, and the construction license shall be applied according to law, strengthen the quality and safety management of engineering construction, organize design, construction, supervision and other relevant units for completion acceptance. And complete the report, timely transfer to the construction project file to the county-level housing urban and rural construction department. "Measures (Trial)" proposed that all parties such as investigation and design, construction, supervision, and other subjects should engage in related construction activities within their qualification license, strictly implement the relevant laws and regulations, standards, standards, and operational procedures for house buildings, and construction. Engineering design, construction quality and on-site security are responsible for lifelong responsibility.

  In addition, the owners of rural housing must not change the use of housing. If you need to change, you should conduct technical identification on whether the quality and safety of housing quality is in line with the requirements of the use of the use. After the review of the township government, apply according to law and apply for the right to review. . The township government must dispose according to law according to the law. In addition, the rural house has passed the acceptance, the villagers can hold the "Rural Homestead Approval", "Rural Construction Planning License", "Rural Homestead and Village Self-constructed Housing Acceptance Opinions" and other provisions of materials apply for real estate registration to real estate registration institutions .

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