On the evening of November 13th, in the streets of Dui Synnes in Jiujiang City, many residents who have eaten dinner came out of the house. In the park, the riverside, the roadside is leisurely scattered; on the square, a group of aunt danced with a happy music… speaking, music is intertwined in a piece, everything is as usual.

At 14 o’clock on November 13th, the key regions such as Duzi District People’s Hospital, the first secondary school in Chai Synssan were released, and the relevant peanut persons were released, and the Chai Sang District officially transferred to normal epidemic prevention and control management.

The reporter entered the first time, and felt a bit drop under the management of normalized epidemic prevention and control … Warm heart: Isolation did not love on November 13th 14 At 14 o’clock, Vienna International Hotel, Vienna International Hotel, rose The long stroke, the isolation of the big bag, is doing the last information registration before leaving.

Subsequently, everyone will board the return vehicle. Isolation officially relieved, and the medical staff of Wu Lijun and isolation points of Jiujiang Vocational University. Two days ago, Wu Lijun spent an unforgettable birthday in isolation, and the medical staff sent birthday cake. "I really didn’t expect, the staff of the isolation point actually put my birthday, I was very surprised, I was very touched!" Wu Lijun showed her photo of her cake, excited, although this birthday Less family companionship, but she felt a different warmth.

On October 30, a nucleic acid detection result of a person from the Double Sause in Lead Mountain is positive. After receiving the report, Chai Sang District immediately launched the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control emergency plan, and preserved the key areas such as Chai Synssan District People’s Hospital, Duzui District, and 20 emergency quarantine, ensuring Be separated.

The next day, after completing the nucleic acid detection of two rounds of sealing regions, more than 1,300 teachers qualification certificates of the district, transferred to the isolation point for key control.

In the 14th day, the isolation personnel consciously overcome various difficulties, actively cooperated with isolation, and there is warmth in the isolation point, and sometimes moving.

Chai Synssan District People’s Hospital has medical staff and 971 people, and maternal Chen Si is one of them. After the isolation is released, she tells the reporter to her own experience. "The hospital is closed, the family can’t come, I am very afraid.

"Chen Si said," But the doctor, the nurse has always accompany me, takes care of me, makes my psychological guidance, let me feel better, have a baby, I am very grateful to them.

"Remea: Local people life, the local people live, the local people’s business center is the largest farmers market in Chasezi, and nearly 80% of the fresh fruits and vegetables in the district are output by the market. Big, the structure is complex, and it is an important area for epidemic prevention and control.

At the entrance of the commerce center, the reporter saw that staff members were responsible for verifying the journey, health code and measuring body temperature, reminding the masses to wear masks. Since there is no smartphone, the ID card has been forgotten, and the old man who came to buy vegetables Yu Hai Rong is standing in the entrance.

In accordance with the prevention and control of the epidemic, she cannot enter the business center.

"Old people, don’t worry, you can help you buy." The staff smiled and asked her to buy her hands. "

"There are 7 entrances and exits, and during the epidemic prevention, only one external opening, the personnel must be strictly observed. For residents who are unable to enter the business center, we will provide a bought service.

"Chai Sang District Municipal Supervision Bureau Chen Cong told reporters that due to the ingestion of epidemic prevention and service, the local people are more willing to choose to buy food. Broccoli, steak, shrimp … Chai Sang District resident Xiongxiao Hua Xiaojun just bought it Cuisine, ready to give grandson to make a sumptuous lunch. "The dishes in the farmers market are very rich, and the food that the family loves can be bought. I usually purchase once every other day, the dishes are very fresh, the price is also stable, but I don’t have to worry. "Xiong Xiaohua said. At present, there are sufficient products such as vegetables, milk, grain and oil, fruits in Chai Synssan, and have a smooth operation. The area is stable. While strict implementation of various epidemic prevention measures, further strengthen inspections and ensure the epidemic The price is stable during prevention and control.

Heart: Prevention and control does not relax the measurement temperature, disinfection, registration information, in Jiujiang Listance Source Rectifier Equipment Co., Ltd., all employees must go through the above three processes to enter the production workshop. "We are a company that produces high-frequency switching power supplies, more than 400 employees work in the production workshop, and the epidemic prevention can not have a half tiger.

"Wang Ruifeng, deputy general manager of the company, has always been strictly abide by the prevention and control requirements of Duzi District, specializing in the establishment of an epidemic prevention team, supervised by the commissioner, guiding the implementation of epidemic prevention measures." We have confidence in the future! " "Wang Ruifeng said, at present, the company’s production status is as usual, and the output value is expected to reach 500 million yuan this year.

It is not equal to reducing epidemic prevention requirements, and zero new increase is not equal to zero risk.

After the release of the sealing, Chai Synssan continued to adhere to the prevention and control strategy of "external prevention input, internal defense rebound", and implement key venues such as railway stations, parks, schools, etc. while promoting completion of completion of completion of compound production, Measures such as disinfection, continuously promote vaccination work, and build an epidemic prevention and control line. Since November 8th, the second middle school of Chai Seminary is suspension. On the afternoon, the school held the epidemic prevention and control theme class, psychological counseling of students, and conveying the requirements of the school during the epidemic prevention. After completing the school, in order to do a good job of normalization of epidemic prevention, the school has a strict body temperature monitoring in school, and arranges special personnel to kill the school classroom, bedroom, office, canteen and other public areas. At the same time, the implementation of the wrong peaks, try to avoid large-scale personnel aggregation. "Every time I enter and leave the school, I have to measure the body temperature, the class teacher and the squad leader in the morning, before the first lesson before the class and the late self-study, will also conduct a body temperature detection for the students, and the class is also equipped with disinfection products, sitting in the classroom. Learn very well.

"The school’s high school student Jia Hanmu said. (Zhou Ya Lingyu reporter Liu Xiaolong) (Editor: Qiu Wei, Rona) Sharing More people see.