Experts: network red "Hangover medicine" is actually not a drug As the saying goes, "酒逢知己千杯少", wine has always been a vital presence on the Chinese dinner table.

Although in recent years some of the bad habits Jiuzhuo gradually abandoned the public, and even in some cases urging people who have to bear the legal responsibility, but there are still many difficult Liquor Authority shirk. Between Tuibeihuanzhan, it is inevitable we should drink high. For this reason, many online stores sale "hangover medicine", known as pure plant extracts with no side effects, people "never drunk."

This world is really such a "magic pill" it? "Magic pill" flood "of wine is water, the amount of alcohol increase" health products can cure alcoholism? He is due to work often have wine bureau, sometimes in order to have results, "alcoholism" is the amount of alcohol can also hear out of practice, but could not stand the discomfort stiff drink after drink.

There are times when watching TV, seeing a plot: the heroine to do the sales revenue, dinner by colleagues alcoholism hangover.

The next day, kind of female colleagues to come up with a bottle of medicine on the table, remind her "after drinking eat before this."

  "Seems to be able to increase the amount of alcohol drunk or to prevent something, I try to search the Internet search, did find a lot of links called ‘drug hangover’, and some like a candy-like." But look at Mr. Chen’s exaggerated advertising has had a doubt, "as long as before meals to one, you can not fall thousand cups" fly it? There are many claims that "former wine protects the liver, drink quickly hangover" and "hangover artifact" in hot sales, such as the Australian import or imported from Germany, South Korea and other flavor capsules, candy, etc. in the online shopping platform, the price of 100 yuan ranging from $ 400 to $, on sales up to more than 3,000.

  On almost every page show related products are marked with the "hangover medicine" "hangover medicine," "liver tablets" and other words. Reporter consulted 10 stores, they have denied themselves the sale of pharmaceuticals, "we sell is health food, hangover main role is to accelerate the decomposition of alcohol to achieve rapid sobering effect and enhance capacity for liquor." Business introduction, also can improve drunk uncomfortable, headache, nausea and other symptoms, but also stressed that test was done eating before drinking will increase the amount of alcohol, while not drunk uncomfortable.

  When pressed by reporters, some businesses offer a product list of ingredients. Wherein the composition is most mentioned Pueraria, "hangover Gegen best material, are described in the traditional Chinese medicine, its composition can decompose toxic ethanol, alcohol to prevent inhibition of the brain, controlling the absorption of alcohol to promote alcohol in the body Metabolism; Gegen there sweating effect, relieve a hangover by sweating.

"Support interpretation, Kudzu taken before drinking, can form a protective film to protect the liver, the stomach.

  Part of the business district just released the comments received, but there are buyers, "asked everyone" column, respect of wine for the water, raise the amount of alcohol is impossible, the sick or uncomfortable, "intelligence is completely tax."

It was also said, "vomit after eating worse than ever, people almost did not, find someone to brush praise is really too much, not that the efficacy do not lie out." "Magic pill" non-drug propaganda hangover effect is not certified but also on human metabolism Many netizens said that these contain "medicine" word of food in the end can not make people stay awake drunk, to avoid uncomfortable situations, from drink it without worry? What ingredient labeling substance? How to be considered is the solution of wine? In this regard, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital pancreatic stomach surgery physician Tianyan Tao said that in clinical practice, there are no indications of a drug hangover to obtain approval of the State Drug Administration Department, that is, the so-called "solution on the market Jiu Yao ", are essentially health care or food.

  He explained that in traditional Chinese medicine books, "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the role of Pueraria such records, "vomit on the gas treatment line against the sky, under fresh appetizers, hangover." Kudzu hangover effect really do? Unfortunately, there is not yet a clear pharmacological studies confirm the role of Pueraria be, and in "Qian," he wrote, "drunk unconscious, raw Pueraria juice, drink two liters, will be more." That is, take two liters of juice in order to achieve the effect of Pueraria hangover. People’s Hospital of Peking University, deputy director of the Department of Pharmacy, pharmacist Ding Qingming, also said net red "Hangover medicine", in fact, not medicine, health food is not to add drug ingredients, most claim to have liver function, reduce alcohol on the liver cell damage herbal extracts of food, wherein the drug ingredient is usually from edible, such as licorice, ginseng, Pueraria, there are added some amino acids, such as L- cysteine, taurine and other food additives also belong, However, the efficacy of these ingredients are not exact.

  "Recipe" unreliable or may lead to liver damage more harm than good introduction Ding Qingming, excessive drinking, alcoholism, in clinical practice, naloxone, nalmefene, metadoxine and other drugs can play a role, such as "Naloxone sublingual tablets ", after sublingual drug into the brain, central inhibition may be canceled due to ethanol; can not swallow oral naloxone directly onset embodiment only sublingual or intravenous injection in a hospital, it fast metabolism efficacy only last about an hour; Note that, when a serious drunk, others can not help hastily taking intoxicated persons, except may be swallowed and can not be released directly under the tongue, the tablets easier aspiration into the trachea. Tianyan Tao added that although the clinical metadoxine can enhance the activity of aldehyde dehydrogenase, but this drug is a prescription drug, for the treatment of alcoholic liver disease, acute alcoholism can also be used, not for the normal population to take, not for hangover.

  So how hangover right thing to do? Tianyan Tao that hangover main body to promote the discharge of the accumulation of ethanol and alcohol, on the one hand, after an appropriate amount of drinking fluids, drink plenty of water, ethanol and dilute the concentration of alcohol in vivo, to reduce the burden of the liver; on the other hand drink plenty of water also play a diuretic effect, to promote the discharge. Avoid using some of the so-called "remedies" and "old party" to hangover, not only could not achieve the effect of hangover, it will increase the burden on the liver and even cause liver damage, very worth the candle. Text / reporter Xia Song.