People’s Network Chongqing, November 15th, recently, Liang Pingbei, Kaijiang, Liang Ping, two-dimensional, Chengkou-Liang Ping, two-dimensional, Chengkou-Liang Ping, two-dimensional, urban, two-dimensional, two-dimensional project drilling construction Control requirements, the number of drilling process is huge and from all over the world, and the selection of prevention information in front of the survey is the first focus of construction. "Everyone took the nucleic acid test report, health code, the trip code first screenshots, and scan this QR code as one item item by item." On November 13th, in the drilling training site of Yujia Town, Liangping County, team HSE administrator Liu Yueping took one Zhang Yinding A4 paper shuttle in the population, guiding the construction staff just arrived in the project to fill in the personal epidemic prevention information.

Five minutes, 14 people who participated in the training were completed.

  "Just two days from the project, we collected nearly 300 epidemic prevention information collected, and I would like to thank our Zhizhou’s" "Liu Yueping’s Zhu Daozhong, is the Second Team of the Drilling Engineering Center, Zhu Wenzheng This management is a young man from this thirty. "The epidemic epidemic of the past" one person is collected to collect the computer and mobile phone to return, the download picture is cumbersome, the statistics are large, and it is also easy to explore, and the latter investigation will take more time energy.

"Talking about the original intention of creation, Zhu Wen is here to come:" Smartphone and QR code have already become universal, I just want to use information power, simplify the epidemic information collection process, improve operability and efficiency. "In the Internet access information and hands-on research, he started designing templates in QR code cloud service platform.

Personal information registration, telephone automatic identification, photo upload, screenshots, etc., one function module is gradually joined, and the commitment book is added to the mobile phone handwritten sign confirmation, and finally these function information all brings together into a small QR code.