The first stop of the first phase of Metro Line 3 is the first station of the East 40 stations. The end is Dongfeng Station, set up 10 stations; will be transferred to No. 2, Line 10, No. 14, etc. Yesterday, Chaoyang Sports Center North Side construction site, Metro Line 3 is the first shield machine originating. At 10 o’clock in the Beijing News report, Wang Guibin, at 10 o’clock in the north side of the Chaoyang Sports Center, with the shield machine, the huge cutter slowly turned to start the excavation, Beijing Metro Line 3 The first shield machine Originate. At the same time, the sports center station realizes the structure capsule, which is the first cap of the first cover of Line 3.

  The first phase of the project has 10 stations. The 6-stop station reporter learned from Beijing Rail Company that Beijing Metro Line III started forty, along the East Road, East along the North Road, Chaoyang Park South Road, Yao Jiayuan Road will go to Beijing to Beijing, and enter the Eastba area to Dongba, North 1st Road along Yao Jiayuan.

The starting point of the line is the East 40 stations, the terminal is the Dongfeng Station, and there are 10 stations, including 6 transfer station, the full length of the line, the average station spacing, and the vehicle adopts a standard Ty-type car. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Major Project Office, the first phase of the 3rd line is the second phase of Beijing Rail Transportation, the key line of the construction planning plan, which is also an important infrastructure supporting project of the fourth intension in Beijing, which improves the transportation of Beijing eastern region. Traveling and promoting regional economic development play a positive role. The first phase of Line 3 will be exchanged with both 2nd lines, 10 line, and 14 lines, line 12, No. 17, etc., etc. Have the node, improve the travel efficiency of passengers, and will greatly improve the communication of the city’s rail transit network. Wear three subway lines, four loops and multi-rivers according to the rail company, 3 lines of the first phase of the 3rd line, three lines, No. 10, No. 14, existing subway line and Guo Jing At the front part of the station, at the same time, there are many rivers such as East Second Ring, Third Ring, Fourth Ring, Fifth Ring Road and Dongji City River, Dam River, and a large environmental risk source. Up to now, the sports center station realizes a structural cap, which is the first station that implements a capped station. According to another introduction, the 04 standard project initiated by the shield includes two stops and two intervals, respectively, sports center station, sports center station – Pingshou Station, Pingshou Station, Pingshou Station – Dongba China Street Station, The standard section is 3824 meters long. Sports Center Station – The Interval of the Pingshou Village Station uses the shield method, with a total length of 2063m.

The shield machine "Iron Army No. 3" excavated the diameter and the earth pressure balanced shield machine. The shield is connected with a total length of approximately 85 meters, weighs about 500 tons, and the maximum advancement speed is 80 mm per minute. The whole process of the shield is automated, once formed, and the construction risks are reduced, and the impact on ground traffic and facilities is smaller.

  ■ Visiting the public to pay attention to when Subway Line 3 is opened in Beijing land network sequence, lacks line 3, it is understood that this subway line has been planning in the 1950s. At the east of Metro Line 2, the central area of ??the station is from a circle of the roller, which indicates the word "passenger stop". If the old staircase behind the fence is, it is a platform reserved for Line 3 at the time of construction.

  Due to planning and adjustment, Beijing Metro Line 3 is delayed. Until in February 2017, the first phase of Metro Line 3 finally realized the construction of segmentation.

According to the programs at the time, the first phase of the 3rd line is expected to achieve the main body of most stations in 2019, starting in 2020, and trials at the end of 2020.

  It is not too late to plan, but it has not been able to achieve traffic.

"When is Beijing Metro Line 3?" Became the focus of many people in Beijing, and in the Leader of People’s Network, there was a Beijing citizen to consult this problem. Some people said that they are residents in the stone Buddha, have been paying attention to the news of Beijing Metro Line 3 in recent years. Why is the construction time of Beijing Metro Line 3 and dragging. In addition, the Beijing Chaoyang Station (formerly known as the Spark Station) will be opened at the end of 2020, and one stop is preset on the line 3, and there is no subway connection is also very inconvenient. Recently, the reporter visited Dongba Vehicle Section outside the northeast five rings. According to Beijing Rail Company, the future will become the "parking lot" and "train hospital" in Metro Line 3, Line 12. According to the current construction progress, it is expected that in 2023, Dongba vehicle segment can be completed and put into use.

According to industry insiders, the vehicle section is a prerequisite for the opening operation of the subway. With this, Beijing Metro Line 3 will not be earlier than 2023. (Reporter Yan Jianfei) +1.