[Abstract] With the Chinese Football Association, on November 18, the official Xuan Xuan, Shui Qingxia became a new year’s coach, will lead the team to open a new journey.

Let the fans pay attention to the Chinese women’s classroom selection, finally have the results.

With the Chinese Football Association, on November 18, the official Xuan Xuan, Shui Qingxia became the new serial coach of Chinese women’s football, will lead the team to open a new journey. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese Football Association has conducted a public competition, but there is no water to celebrate in the competition. From the results, the results of this competition soap opera are not.

At the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese women’s footages have been "suspicious clouds", and now I will enter the new era. This team needs to steadily in the environment where it is not tossing.

Water Qingxia This picture cfp China women’s first local female coach is in the women’s football, the presence of female coach is naturally higher than the men’s football, but for Chinese women’s football, a female marty is still the first time. . Previously, Chinese women’s football team once hired two pairs of Doumanski and Elizabeth, but both were the arrival of Yan Shuai, and the arrival of Water Qingxia is a new attempt, but it has already been in many laps. Pre-expected. From the beginning of the football career, Water Qingxia witnessed the history of Shanghai and even Chinese women’s football. She entered the body school at the age of 11. In 1983, she was recommended to women’s football team. It was the first female football team in Shanghai. .

After that, Water Qingxia has also become the first Shanghai player in the history of Chinese women’s football history.

Nowadays, it has become the first female generous of Chinese women’s football team. Her biggest capital is the effort and efforts of the football circle for many years.

She is 17-year-old "elderly" to contact the football, at the beginning, the football is unless, but it is hard to stand out by her own, and finally become one of the builders of the Chinese women’s football age. In 1986, in 1993, she won two Asian champions with Chinese women’s footsteps, and many Chinese women’s football fans were unforgettable in 1996 Olympic runner-up, and water Qingxia was also an important member of the female football team.

Water Qingxia is about to set foot on its own new journey. Water Qingxia was retired at the age of 35, after which she didn’t hesitate, continue to stay in the course and became a coach, from Shanghai Women’s football assistant, to the female football team, Shanghai Youth Women’s football coach, Shanghai women’s football coach … in new On the position, she and the time to do players, she still uses unremitting efforts and learning step by step to prove themselves.

In the 2017 National Games, Water Qingxia led Shanghai women’s football team to win in the adult group. In addition, in domestic events such as League and Championships, she has repeatedly changing the team. Among all the Chinese old generation of women’s football retired players, Water Qingxia can be said to be the one in the coach industry. Due to its rich experience and good results, after the Chinese women’s football defeated the Tokyo Olympics, Water Qingxia was naturally seen as a popular candidate for Chinese women’s football team.

After led the Olympic joint team (that is, China’s Faced National Football Team returned from Tokyo) after winning the Games, this expectation has also reached the highest point. The Great Football Finals of the National Games were staged between the joint team and the original Shanghai women’s females coached. This personal "Derby" belonging to the water is also proved from another perspective. Shaanxi National Games at the Games, Qingxia led the Olympics joint team to win. During the event of the coach, the rim of the rim, the water celebrated the determination of the responsibility of the Chinese women’s football team when he was interviewed: "Dream everyone has, I hope to be a woman’s leader The team showed in the world stage.

"In the exchange of journalists, Water Qingxia also revealed this ideal." After all, as a coach will have this (coaching national team) Wish ". However, in people look forward to this old women’s football team to take the front desk. When the plot has changed again.

On October 8, the Chinese Football Association issued an announcement in the official website to compete for the Chinese women’s football coach. However, it has just been registered in the National Games to win the "small examination". It has been circulated in the circle: Due to the tendency of the Football Association, it is the next national team coach, so water Qingxia actively chooses to exit.

According to Journalists, this is also one of the reasons why water Qingxia is unintentional. For any senior coach who has been hitting for many years in the coach, he participated in a competent "accompanying" competition, which is undoubtedly a damage to dignity, and water Qingxia will temporarily leave. Women’s football team candidate list. The Shanghai women’s football team coached by Water Qingxia contributed a lot of people. However, the competition of the Chinese Football Association made the outside world "strange".

The upper "Voice" is very high, because of the lack of experience, it is worried about the fans, although its past experience and conditions meet the requirements of the Chinese Football Association, but after all, they have never had experienced women’s football team, even The football team, only the 2017 season, temporary firefighting, taught, for half a year, and finally the advancement failed.

After that, Jun Junzhe has been an administrative work, and there is no more development in the coaching post. Such a "rookie" on the coach is directly putting on the leadership of the national team, it is undoubtedly difficult.

And another hot candidate, the palartie Chen Yuting has more coaching qualifications. She once taught the port of the East team to win the Hong Kong super championship, and became the world’s first rate men’s team to win the top league champion. And in 2019, he became the assistant, main coach and team of the U16 female football team.

However, it is clear that the candidate needs to be Chinese, and the candidate needs to be a valid professional coaches qualification certificate and have a professional or professional player experience.

The past experience of the candidate needs to meet one of the following conditions: 1. Has served as the main coach of the Chinese Football Association U19 and the above national characters; 2. Has served as the main coach of the Chinese Football Association’s female football super league team; 3. Has served as the Chinese Football Association Top League team main coach or assistant coach.

If you use these rules, Chen Yuting should not have qualifications to participate in the interview, because it has not been done a professional player, nor does any of the past experience, but she has entered the competition interview. Water Qingxia puts many years to invest in the women’s foothold.

Chinese women’s footsteps need to start in a stable environment, this somewhat competition has become a competition that has no substantial significance, and the results are not announced after the competition will end, and it will not be announced because of various reasons. Choosing Water Qingxia took a Chinese women’s football team, not a result of surprising women’s football fans, but this has a few universal processes. For Water Qingxia, this new responsibility is undoubtedly a very weight. At the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese women’s football teams played the worst performance of the team’s worst performance under the leadership of Jia Xiuquan, and the group stage lost 17 goals, 12 negative knockout.

Entering the Paris Olympic Games cycle, this team needs to go out of shadows from this unexpected attack, re-launch the spirit.

In late January 2022, the female football Asian Cup will be held in India. This will be that Chinese women’s football team in the first international competition in the new cycle, and now there is not much time to build a new team to build a new team. For Chinese women’s footages, the difficulty of obtaining the World Cup qualification through the Asian Cup is not high. Due to the next female football World Cup to the 32th team to participate, as long as the top 5 can get the World Cup ticket, and two left The best teams can also get the same qualifications. However, fans expect the team’s expectation will not be just the top 5, can you play the spirit of the team in the game, and impact the finals, will be the first challenge that Water Qingxia will meet after going.

Water Qingxia is obvious to football’s love, and it has been proved for the long-term adherence between the coach.

However, in the position of Chinese women’s football coach, stress is unable to zoom in.

Can you get enough time and space to build your own ideal team, for this female football, you need to use the actual performance to win trust in yourself. After the soldiers defeated Tokyo, water Qingxia would lead China to start again. Looking back in the past, Ma Liang, who was listed in China in 2002, came to Jia Xiquan in the past, in 19 years, Chinese women’s football team ushered in the 15th handsome change, and the handsome "turmoil", for a The long-term construction of the team is natural is not a good thing. Among the social class changes, there are many "farce". For example, if there is no experience, Zhang Haitao is pushing the handsome results, the Athens Olympic Games 0 is not enemy, such as Elizabeth, Zhang Jianqiang, Zhang Jianqiang, the leader, " get out of class.

More, there is also Jia Xiu to the Olympic Games but suddenly enable the "mystery case" of many newcomers. In 19 years, Chinese women’s football team tried various coaches: "Rookie", the masters, experienced mysteries, men, women, women … But only did not give local female handsome one chance.

Now in this sense, Water Qingxia has become the first person to eat crabs. Many years of coaching experience, so that Water Qingxia is very familiar with domestic female football players, can seamlessly dock, but at the same time, a stable development environment is also an important "resource" that the female football team needs. I hope that after this competition is in the past, Chinese women can say goodbye to toss and will start again.

Source: 湃 News.