The town party committee government includes local unity and progressive creation work in an important agenda, which is the beginning of the year, and the year-end has a summary, and the party members and cadres are loyal. Policies and regulations have formed a work pattern of party and government to grasp the co-management, coordination of up and down, and widely involved in society. Grasp the economic construction and promote national unity and win – win development.

The town is staring at "consolidating the promotion of the original industries, explores the development of new industries, accelerating the development of the chain industry, based on the advantages, complement the short board, and vigorously develop the village collective economy. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the town has completed the fixed asset investment billion, complete the total output of agricultural and forestry and fishing, and completed the industrial output value of 100 million yuan, the total economic volume, quality, and benefits. Through the development model of "enterprise + cooperative + poor household", Town Meikai Nongnan Husbandry Co., Ltd. drives poor households to develop raw pig breeding projects, and the poverty household is more than 3,500 yuan. In addition, the town is leading the party construction, launching township and enterprises, and donating more than 900,000 yuan for poor people to solve practical difficulties.

Grasping the foundation, supplementing the development of the people’s livelihood.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, 42 roads in the Town Town, promoted 7 high standard farmland construction, 8 safe drinking water projects; investment of more than 1.8 million yuan construction town sewage treatment plant; investment of 1.6 million yuan construction town garbage Processing the transfer station; investing 2.4 million yuan Xinjian Yutheng Agricultural and sideline products wholesale market and e-commerce service center; investment 5 million yuan to achieve the new construction of the town farmer’s market; invest in 3,136m2 football field, provide leisure sports venues for the masses; The autonomous region’s reform department is 10 million yuan for the construction project of the shuttle infrastructure, focusing on building the Pai Town Town Golden Tea Characteristic Square. The completion of multiple people’s livelihood projects, providing great convenience for mass production and life, greatly enhanced the happiness of the people ‘s lives.

Grasp the ideological construction and create a harmonious rural area in civilization.

There is a "Ten Sisters" Volunteers, which is awarded the national "Ten Sisters" Volunteers. In 1982, they initially organized the farmers to help the work group, the farmer’s bush day helped the left neighbor, the village is difficult, five guarantees . In the past 39 years, under the leadership of the town, under the leadership of the town, "Ten Sisters" has experienced 10 big sister, and the sisters have been in the past, "Ten Sisters" always keeps organizational, people, long-term care for 16 households He has been more than 180 monks, difficult households, five-person households to pick a firewater, send medicine to the medicine, transvesting, making a good thing for local military and civilians, do more than 5,000 pieces, and actively promote and teach the technology technology, drive 90 villagers are getting richeted. "Ten Sisters" also actively coordinates the contradiction of the villagers and takes the lead in maintaining the social security in the village, and strives to do "talk about civilization and trees". The Town Town combines the "Ten Sisters" activities and the "national unity", etc. The community has emerged from the "Happiness 1 + 1" Love Volunteer Association from the teachers, doctors, enterprises, individuals and other love people. They have selflessly donated more than 40,000 yuan and worth 6,000 yuan. More than 30 poverty students in the household, more than 30 poverty students, a strong new era of township civilization, filling in the towns. In addition, the town also implements the "grassroots party building + community (village) police + gridization comprehensive management" grassroots social governance model, co-ordinate social governance resources, innovative grassroots social governance methods, Toos Town 2020 total investigation 38 conflict disputes, 38 adjustments, and adjustment rate of 100%. At the moment that the expansion of the poverty campaign and the effective connection of rural revitalization, the Town has initially formed a set of modern modern management system in accordance with the local area, ensuring harmonious and stability in the frontier nation, so that more people will gradually embargo. Road.

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