Jin Qing believes that his apple pear business can be better and better, and the "blessing" of the new e-commerce platform is not allowed. "Our apple pear is mainly sold to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai and some first-class cities. Very magical, spelling more agricultural products, especially fruit ‘, is very fast.

"Jin Qingxue will summarize the reason as two points. First, there are very high consumption groups with a lot of consumer groups and online stores. In addition, it is, and the original" farmland cloud fight "mode, crack fast, gather Rapid, origin directly, minimizing intermediate links, reducing sales costs, business and consumers can profit from Sino.

  In Longjing City, like Jinqing, Li Ming and Yin Long Fan actively embraced e-commerce, and sent apple pears to "cloud" people are not a small number. In this border town in the eastern Jilin, people are increasingly aware of the huge role of e-commerce platforms and is committed to playing the power to the maximum.

It also includes many returning entrepreneurs. The operation manager of Longjing Halanjiang Pan Electric Industry Service Co., Ltd. is one of them. Before joining "Heilan River", Bu Jiahao has a "north drifting" experience, and has also accumulated rich experience in e-commerce operations.

At that time, the mappie sent Apple pear every home, and the colleagues around me tasted.

This scene allows Bu Jiahao to remember, and even directly "promoting" his first entrepreneurial – selling apple pears such as e-commerce platform. After returning to the Longjing, just like you want to take care of your parents, Bu Jiahao also wants to do something for your hometown with your own skill. His company is primarily responsible for the operation of Helanjiang Pan Electric Business Park, providing live giving goods, and a dragon management of cloud warehouse shipping to after-sales customer service.

  In 2020, Jilin Province has encountered rare low-temperature rain and snow-free disasters, coupled with epidemic, Longjing Apple pears face great sales stress. In order to help the far end, the team of Bu Jiao is free to open live broadcast. A few live broadcasts, thousands of boxes of apple pear sold. This makes the company and the fruit farmers and fruit farmers. This year, after a serious investigation, the team selected a fruit farmers to help, the two sides signed a contract, and set the sales volume of 6,000 orders. The fruit farmer being helped is broken. Bu Jiahao is also confident. It turned out that before the apple pear is listed, there are many netizens to leave a message in the live broadcast, ask the apple pear to go to the shelf time, "Moqu" waiting to purchase apple pears. Bu Jiaohao and colleagues help local fruit farmers sell apple pears in the way they live.

Shen Xiaokai | Photographing the extension of the unwanted "Longjing Apple Pear has such a good" electric shock "effect, and the local government and the good development environment created by the enterprise is inseparable. With the help of Longjing City, the "Dongfeng" of the National E-Commerce into Rural Comprehensive Demonstration County, Longjing City formed Longjing E-Commerce Service Center and E-Commerce Association, building Helanjiang Pan Electric Business Park, and online sales and Apple pear companies and fruit farmers are given in terms of product control. Guangzhou invites the "net red" live broadcast of "Nethong". Longjing Municipal Bureau of Business Bureau said: "With the help of the Longjing local e-commerce sales platform, this year has helped enterprises and fruit farmers to sell apple pears more than 30,000 kilograms." China Post Express Logistics Co., Ltd. Yanbei State Branch A 2,600 square meter storage center, free of charge, free of storage, office, package and other dragons. In the future, in order to meet the transportation of transportation of delayed farms such as apple pears, the company will also establish a 200 square meter cold storage.

  Li Mingyi and Jin Qing’s "Mother", the "Mother," Implement "1 season of picking, annual sales". As Longjing Apple Pear is in the new e-commerce platform, more people have learned the history and culture of Yanbian. Shen Xiaokai | Photo.