City CDC: Dynamic assessment of epidemic prevention and control risk, reopening, focus on September 4, Guangzhou Rotal epidemic reported in the first invisible infection, from September 8, the first place in the first batch of closed or closed closed.

At present, this epidemic is preliminarily controlled, but Guangzhou has been facing huge "external prevention input" pressure. On September 8, the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government Information Office held an epidemic prevention and control press conference.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Health and Health Committee, Yuexiu District and Municipal Disease Control Center, inform the latest situation of the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia in Guangzhou. Guangzhou CDC said that next, it will also dynamically evaluate the risk of epidemic prevention and control, and reopen the timely reopening of key places.

  On September 7, Guangzhou has no new domestic infection reports Chen Bin, deputy director of the Guangzhou Health and Health Committee. In September 7th, when there is no new infection in Guangzhou.

This epidemic has accumulated 2 cases of invisible infections in the city, allocated to the medical observation in the eight hospitals affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University, and the current situation is stable. After further deep and meticulous epidemiological surveys and secrets, the secondary secret investigation, minimizing community potential hidden dangers. As of 12:00 on September 8, the accumulated inspector was 123 people in the ear, 1284 in the ear, and the above secret and secondary advice have all been implemented in health management measures. The nucleic acid test results are negative; the focus involved The accumulated investigation of the accumulation of 123 places have all been implemented.

  At present, Guangzhou continues to launch a nucleic acid screening and a nucleic acid investigation in some streets. As of 8, at 12 o’clock, the city’s cumulative nucleic acid sampling 681,54 people, completed 674,737 people, all are negative.

  Up to now, all of the priorities involved in the city’s nucleic acid screening have not found new positive detectors, and the environmental nucleic acid detection is negative.

Chen Bin said that according to the investigation and risk assessment, 45 key venues in 7 districts such as Yuexiu, Baiyun, Haizhu, Liwan, Huangpu, Panyu, Haizhu, Liwan, Whampoa, Panyu, Haizhu, Liwan, Huangpu, Panyu, Haizhu, Tsuen Wan, Huangpu, Panyu, Haizhu, Tsuen Wan, Huangpu, Panyu, and Conghua were given to premise.

  Continuously strengthen the city’s "sentry points" monitoring, Chen Bin, deputy director of the Guangzhou Health and Health Committee, said in the conference, currently, the global new crown pneumonia epidemic situation is still serious, Guangzhou "Outer Prevention Input" is constantly increasing, overseas Enter cases have risen, and the pathogens are mainly Delta variant strains.

Therefore, on the basis of doing a good job in the prevention and control of epidemic, the city continues to strengthen the city’s 5 entry isolation of the city’s new crown pneumonia, 114 fever, 209 fever, and pharmacies, etc. Ensure that the epidemic has been discovered, early report, early.

  Chen Bin said that from the current situation, this epidemic is initially effective, but the majority of citizens still can’t relax, to continue to do personal protection, wearing masks, hard work, Chang Tongfeng, use gatherings, not piled up less Gather, actively vaccinate, and build an immune barrier. To explore all risk points, it will be adjusted for the current prevention and control policy. Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of Guangzhou CDC, responded, the exhibition of epidemic prevention, Guangzhou’s key place to involved, according to the risk level, respectively Sealing 7 days, suspension of 3 days and 2 checkup resumes business, non-suspended, all-in-one classification management measures. He said that according to the first non-symptom infection in September 4, the first place where the first sealing or suspension closure will be reopened.

At the same time, with the deepening of high-risk adhesion, the number of adins in these two days has increased, mainly in order to explore all risk points. Therefore, there are still a certain number of public places still implement the corresponding risk management.

  Zhang Zhoubin pointed out that next, it will also dynamically assess the risk of epidemic prevention and control, and reopen the key places.

Through this process of dynamic callback, the risks of various places will also gradually return to normal. Zhang Zhoubin once again reminded the public, and the orderly unsatisfaction does not mean the return of risk. In fact, Guangzhou has been facing huge "external defense input" pressure. Since January of this year, the number of international immigration flights in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is still rising, and the peak is reached in August. This shows that the risk of persistence in Guangzhou continues to exist, and the prevention and control of the epidemic can not relax. Yuexiu District actively launches social forces, and the accumulated screening has reported that how to launch social strength in a short time in a short time, and ensure that the nucleic acid detection is in order? Guo Rong, Standing Committee of Guangzhou Yuexiu District Committee, is said that in order to quickly complete nucleic acid detection, Yuexiu District passed the party’s pioneering power, broad recruiting volunteers, mobilization of love enterprises, and actively launched multi-party power participation, inspection work Order Carried out a lot of touching stories. According to Guo Rong, since September 4, the key venues and surroundings of the stream screening, Yuexiu District have organized nucleic acid testing and cumulative screening.

She mentioned that during the nucleic acid testing process, Yuexiu District "Double News" party members will sink to the grassroots first line to enrich prevention and control, support for emergency, material distribution, order maintenance and other work, accumulate dispatched 2,300 people. In the volunteer team, Guo Rong introduced the Volunteer team of Guangzhou Epidemic Prevention Youth Emergency Volunteer Reserve, professional volunteer service organization, and regionalized members and other volunteer teams to support. More than 3100 volunteers of the urban street three-level linkage reached the nucleic acid detection point, launched waiting for laxation, label registration, testing guidance, order maintenance, etc. The accumulated volunteer service has exceeded 12,000 hours. Text / Yangcheng Evening News Full Media Reporter Zhang Hua Tan.